United Medical Devices is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation.

Formed to carry what is anticipated to be the most successful license in Playboy history, United Medical Devices is the creator and World Wide licensee for Playboy Condoms.

In just over a year, United Medical Devices has secured distribution in over 90 countries world wide and is through needed Health Authorization and selling in over 13 countries within its first year. Growing at a rate faster than anticipated, within the next quarter alone, Playboy Condoms will be on shelves in over 30 countries around the world.

Playboy Condoms is thought to be the only condom brand this decade that has a chance at a healthy market share of an industry worth Billions per year.

UMD is comprised of a world wide distribution network and in house branding specialists. Jimmy Esebag is a pioneer in the licensing field and the driving force behind UMD, spearheading the licensing of the PLAYBOY brand name. As a licensing agent for Playboy for over 20 years, Esebag’s extensive knowledge and experience has been set into motion, building and developing this lifestyle brand worldwide.

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