The future of the planet depends on consumer habits! The company aims to provide products environmentally friendly, completely satisfying the consumer needs. Charlie Banana team is a member of Climate Action, that aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Whenever you buy Charlie Banana products you can be sure that you are buying products friendly to the environment. Look for the seal Climate Action Hero that is printed on the packaging of our products



We must recognize very quickly the opportunities presented by new and rapidly growing markets! Orfeapharma ltd is looking for the most competitive products on the world market. Our aim is to offer products that combine health, ecology and innovation in the global market and bring to you products from all over the planet. Our company utilizing the competitive products, the Administration and expertise grows steadily worldwide.



Innovation brings revolution in consumer habits. Researching current and future needs of consumers for the supply of products, we are investing in innovative products so as to improve your everyday life! We are always at your side to offer a different alternative from any place on the planet it comes.



Executives Orfeapharma Ltd attribute the company’s success in the marketplace, in a variety of factors such as:

  • Dedicated and talented human resource.
  • Respect and credibility to the consumers.
  • Good knowledge of the global market.
  • Innovative products that offer excellent benefits at competitive prices and are always environmentally friendly.


Orfeapharma Ltd was founded in 2012 by a group of young, ambitious people with many years of experience in the trade.

Our philosophy is to continually offer alternative choices to markets and consumers. The products we choose successfully combine multiple benefits such as quality, ecology, hygiene and above all respect to the consumers.

The company, in a very short time decided to bring to the European market revolution in baby care products, ensuring an exclusive partnership with one of the biggest brand names, Charlie Banana®.

At the same time, we cooperate with one of the fastest growing distributors of gourmet products Greek MAMA NATURA, that exports worldwide unique products of the Greek land.

The organization of Orfeapharma Ltd aims to the highest performance and quality.



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Official Partners

United Medical Devices
Hellas Medical Devices
Winc Design
Mama Natura


  • 12, Rodou Str., Agioi Omologites • Nicosia 1086 • Cyprus
  • +357 22 00 92 92
  • info@orfeapharma.com

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