We, 2S people, are aware that the healthcare industry is, above all, a human centered industry. We never lose sight of the fact that we provide care and comfort to people in need, thus, to both patients and caregivers; patients and families who rely upon us to receive respectful and dignified treatment solutions with quality products.

Our mission is to provide superior quality healthcare services that Patients recommend to family and friends, Physicians prefer for their patients, Purchasers select for their clients, Employees are proud of, and Investors seek for long-term return.

We aim to be a trustworthy provider for our customers and partners, both regarding our existing business divisions of Orthopedics, Homecare Equipment and Well being as well as in our future activities. We will be able to fulfill our fundamental principles toward all those connected with 2S:

to improve the quality of life for the users of our products
to contribute towards guaranteeing the future of our customers, our partners and ourselves,
and, in doing so, to promote a good and fair interaction with one another.
This is what we demand of ourselves

2S customers and partners are at the centre of our day-to-day work. We want 2S customers and partners to be convinced of and highly satisfied with us. We foster innovation, active market development, individual solutions to problems and social commitment – both domestically and internationally.

With our products and services, we create the greatest possible benefit for our users, customers and partners.

Our full range of products and services meets the highest possible standards of quality and safety. At 2S, we see quality in comprehensive terms, encompassing the quality of both the products and the service we provide.