Mama Natura shares a great passion and vision to bring health and longevity in all the family dinners of the world by providing them with the most delicious and ultra premium category food products, exclusively made and processed 100% in Greece. We are proudly trying to create from our tradition Hellenic food products that encapsulate the unique experience of tasting Mediterranean Greece. The food product range will have the highest quality. The only way to reach such excellence is the farmers experience. We work hard to finalize the products for sale such gourmet range of products like barrel olives, olive pate, Balsamico vinegar, pure honey, deli fish, tomato sauces, feta cheese, stuffed peppers etc. All created from the Hellenic Mother Nature. Insist on quality – Mama Natura sells only the finest extra virgin olive oil from farmers we know. The origin of our oil is clearly marked on the label and insured by personally monitored quality control on-site in Greece. Support local, sustainable agriculture – Fair trade is the only type of trade we do.

We believe the business model of the best olive oil producer is based on LOYALTY and the main marketing strategy is relationship marketing. It is our highest priority to create loyal customers by offering them a delighting customer experience. Perfectionism is the source of our team philosophy, characteristic and motive. Our gratitude comes with loyal satisfied customers that put their trust choosing again and again our products. ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH Mama Natura main goal and activity is the improvement of quality of the produced olive oil via the application of Integrated Management systems throughout the product’s production. Such a quality improvement may only have positive results both for the protection of the environment and the protection of human health and hygiene. How can this be in practice become possible? In order Mama Natura to achieve this goal, certifies all stages of production process beginning with the first one, the primary production. Through the integrated management system AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 that we apply, we achieve rationalization of fertilizers’ and pesticides’ use. There are recommended, controlled and registered in farmers’ registries methods and means of olive trees’ cultivation, friendly to the environment and for consumers.