Project Description


BOCHKO is a brand of baby and kids cosmetics, which has been on the market for more than 10 years. During all these years we have continually broaden our product line in order to cover every stage of baby and kids development.

We have created more than 30 products, based on 45 years of experience in the most famous laboratory, specialized in research, development and creation of cosmetic products in Bulgaria. Numerous experts and scientists devoted to developing and improving new products, work in the laboratory to study and analyze the needs of your babies and kids, so we can offer them a proper care as they grow.

As we strongly believe that every product should be tested not only clinically, BOCHKO works in cooperation with outside experts and parents, so we can  assure that any innovation we introduce, meets the specific needs of babies and kids.

Our mission is to keep giving you the best for your children.

Project Detail

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