Project Description


Our soaps are made with extra virgin olive oil. Our raw materials come from Greek producers and are purely connected with nature. Our products are 100% natural handmade soaps made from pure Greek olive oil by the so called frozen process without preservatives holding its natural glycerin, which has remained all throughout the production, as temperatures never exceed the average ambient temperature.
With this method pure natural oils give us all their beneficial properties. The soap is allowed to mature naturally as nature provides. From the production date it remains 6-8 weeks until it is ready to pack .The packaging is also handmade.

The human health and the environment in the long term incur due to the use of new chemical compounds. We now know that many of these chemicals are hazardous and consumers are increasingly looking for pure, natural bathing products. To this need, the traditional soap is able to respond by providing pure soap from natural oils. It is commonly accepted that this is the most appropriate cleanser for the skin and hair and cleansing the pores by removing dirt, oily residues and dead cells.

Our products are produced with a view to “love and friendliness to the environment.” Our products focus on the people and the environment.

Project Detail

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