Project Description


During pregnancy and breastfeeding should be used cosmetic products which are specially developed for this unique period of a woman’s life. Standard cosmetics contain lots of chemicals which penetrate the skin and toxins are building up in the body. The skin is a barrier to many substances but some ingredients used in modern cosmetics are being absorbed in the bloodstream of the mother in small quantities and can afterward easily go over to the baby. Some essential oils and perfumes are allergenic. Strong fragrances irritate the heightened and sensitive sense of pregnant women.
We remind ourselves all of this every time we make a new product.

Maternea Guarantee:


In Maternea products we use pure and qualitative ingredients and do not add perfume compositions but leave the natural aroma of the oils. During pregnancy the skin is very sensitive and delicate and therefore our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Guaranteed safe for the mother and the baby.

Use them with pleasure and your skin will return the favor!

Project Detail

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