Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public co., Ltd. was established since 1993 by Dararattanaroj to be the condom manufacturers from natural rubber latex in order to meet the customer’s need and satisfaction (OEM).

Our first industry is located in Laem Chabang industrial estate in Chonburi province, with manufacturing capacity of 60 million condoms annum and continuing to expand the manufacturing power. Currently, we have two condom industrials which are located in Laem Chabang in Chonburi province (Laem Chabang industrial estate) and Pinthong industrial in Chonburi province (Pinthong industrial estate), where Laem Chabang industrial have manufacturing capacity of 426 million condoms annum/ annually and Pinthong industrial has manufacturing capacity of 1,533 condom annum/ annually, totally of 1,959 pieces of condom a year/ annually, which means that we are the largest condom manufacturer capacity in Thailand and one of the most in the world.

Currently, our company can differentiate into 3 businesses include:

  1. A manufacturer and distribution of condom and lubricant gel under “Onetouch” trademark company. So, our company distributes condom and lubricant gel under the “Onetouch” trademark within domestic and international such as Thailand, CLMV, Egypt and we planned to expand our market into new countries that never sell before. Thus, our company sells product throughout retailers and distributors that they have a capability to distribute into several channels.
  1. As a manufacturer of condom and lubricant gel (OEM), we are manufacturing condom and lubricant gel for both private and public company (NGOs) in domestic and international over 100 countries in difference continents including Europe, Africa, America and in middle-east and so on. Moreover, our company has a processing contract for condom to customers (United Medical Devices) under the trademark of PLAYBOY all over the world, and we are the only distributor in Thailand.
  1. For tender, the main purposes for tender of our company are to fulfill the manufacturing power of the company, and to reduce the manufacturing cost in production process per capita of the company. So, the company attended the condom tender with public and private organization (NGOs) within domestic and international, so these organizations will conduct sale and distribute condom into difference regions and continents over the world such as Asia, Europe, Africa and America, etc.


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